Jordan Fenlon

Jordan is Deaf from a large British Deaf family. He was research associate on the BSL Corpus Project from January 2009 until June 2011, and is currently working as a lecturer at Gallaudet University. Jordan took over from Sally as data collection co-ordinator, but was also responsible for annotation and analysis, working with Ramas Rentelis. [...]

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Rosemary Stamp

In 2008, Rose graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in Deaf studies and linguistics, completing her dissertation on verb agreement across sign languages. Following this, she joined DCAL as part of a four-year funded masters and PhD studentship in association with the BSL Corpus Project. As part of her studentship, her MRes [...]

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Mischa Cooke

Greater London fieldworker (2009) Mischa comes from a Deaf family and is an active member of the Deaf community. She loves to travel and attends deaf events all over the UK, meeting new deaf people. She used to work for 'The Vibe' and 'See Hear' as a reporter occasionally in her teenager years. She currently [...]

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Ramas Rentelis

Research assistant: video data capture, editing and annotation Ramas is Deaf from a Deaf family, and was Research Assistant on the BSL Corpus Project from November 2008 until June 2011. He received his BA in Primary Education in 2004 from Vilnius Pedagogical University in Lithuania. During his studies, he was primarily interested in developmental issues [...]

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Avril Hepner

Greater Glasgow fieldworker Avril is a native BSL user from a Deaf family in Glasgow. She has a vast amount of knowledge about the Deaf community and its culture, as well as several years of experience working with Deaf organisations. Avril is the Director of BSL for the British Deaf Association, with a remit to [...]

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Carolyn Denmark

Bristol fieldworker Carolyn is a native BSL user, and comes from sixth generations of Deaf families. She grew up in the British Deaf community and has extensive knowledge about Deaf culture and sign language. Carolyn is no stranger to TV screens having worked as a presenter for BBC’s 'See Hear', ITV West, and in BSLBT’s [...]

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Jacqueline Parker

Greater Manchester fieldworker Jacqueline is a native BSL user from a Deaf family and originates from Oldham. After working for British Aerospace for over fifteen years, she went on to work at City College Manchester as a tutor for Deaf students. Recently, she worked at the British Deaf Association (BDA) as a BSL cultural development [...]

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Jenny Wilkins (née Beech)

Birmingham/West Midlands fieldworker Jenny is a native BSL user from a Deaf family and has been involved in various posts in the local Deaf community, both professionally and socially. She was born in Birmingham, spent ten years in the Solihull area and now lives in Wolverhampton. For ten years, Jenny worked in the further education [...]

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Mark Nelson

Greater London fieldworker (2008) Mark is an active member of the Deaf community with several years of experience of working with Deaf organisations including the British Deaf Association, 'The Vibe', BBC 'See Hear', 'Vee TV' and numerous local Deaf clubs. He is also one of the founders and director of the award winning production/multimedia and [...]

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Project co-investigators not listed above are: Margaret Deuchar (Bangor University) Frances Elton (University College London) Dónall Ó Baoill (Queens University Belfast) Rachel Sutton-Spence (University of Bristol) Graham H. Turner (Heriot-Watt University) Bencie Woll (University College London)

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