Adam Schembri

Adam is a hearing sign language researcher originally from Sydney, Australia. Over the last two decades, Adam has worked as an English teacher, an Australian Sign Language (Auslan)/English interpreter, a researcher and lecturer. During 2000-2002, he was a lecturer in sign language linguistics at the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol. He [...]

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Sally Reynolds

Research associate: data collection co-ordinator (January 2008-February 2009) Sally was responsible for co-ordinating the data collection in the first year of the BSL Corpus Project. In the mid 1990s, she worked as a researcher at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Bristol University, where she obtained an MPhil looking at Deaf people's access to health [...]

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Translation team

Translation team Janet Beck & Marie Franklin (Belfast translator & consultant) Helen Dunipace & Avril Hepner (Glasgow translator & consultant) Sue Lee & Dawn Marshall (Newcastle translator & consultant) Cathryn McShane & Jeff Brattan-Wilson (Cardiff translator & consultant) Kyra Pollitt & Carolyn Denmark (Bristol translator & consultant) Elvire Roberts & Tom Johnston (Birmingham translator & [...]

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Sarah Lawrence

Cardiff Fieldworker Sarah Lawrence is Deaf, a fluent signer of BSL from Cardiff. Sarah is a successful business woman and owns 'Deaf-Friendly Solutions', an in-service training business for deaf and hearing organisations. She took over as the Deaf community fieldworker for Cardiff and southern Wales when Jeff Brattan-Wilson was no longer able to continue in [...]

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Jeff Brattan-Wilson

Cardiff Fieldworker Jeff is a Deaf native signer and has been working in the advocacy field for five years and is now managing the advocacy service in Wales and England for the British Deaf Association. He has also been involved in training interpreters for six years, and has worked as an on screen interpreter for [...]

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Melinda Napier

Greater London fieldworker Melinda is a native BSL user and comes from a Deaf family spanning four generations. She was Head of Communication and Training Programme at City Lit until her (early) retirement in April 2009.  She was responsible for a wide range of courses such as Level 1 – 4 in BSL, Deaf Studies [...]

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Evelyn McFarland

Belfast fieldworker Evelyn is a native BSL user and comes from three generations of Deaf families. Currently, she works as a Community Support Worker with Deaf people which she enjoys. She previously taught BSL at Level 1, 2 and 3 for many years. She is interested in sign language variation, particularly in signs that were [...]

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