6-month extension till June 2011

We are delighted to announce that the ESRC have granted the BSL Corpus Project a 6-month extension until 30 June 2011. This will enable us to continue our important work on sociolinguistic variation in BSL for a few months more.

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DCAL/BSL Corpus Project UK Roadshow, March – July 2011

Jordan Fenlon and Robert Adam (DCAL) received £12,000 from UCL's Beacon Bursary for the DCAL Roadshow. The roadshow will visit the following cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle. These events will run for one afternoon each time and will feature a series of lectures delivered in BSL by hearing and deaf researchers at [...]

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Corpus NGT launched!

The website for the Corpus NGT (Sign Language of the Netherlands Corpus) was officially launched on December 12: video clips of the data are ready to be viewed. Congratulations to our Dutch colleagues Onno, Inge and Johan!

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Data collection pilot session in London

Adam Schembri, Mark Nelson and Sally Reynolds conducted the first pilot data collection session on July 11 here at DCAL in London. We were very grateful for assistance from Tanya Denmark and Jordan Fenlon, two BSL native signers and PhD students at University College London who agreed to act as participants for the pilot filming [...]

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