Welcome to Jordan, Hamish, Jeff and Rosemary!

The BSL Corpus Project team would like to welcome our new staff members: Research Associate Jordan Fenlon, Greater London fieldworker Hamish Cooke (he has replaced the very busy Mark Nelson). Also we would like to welcome our new Greater Cardiff Deaf community fieldworker Jeff Brattan-Wilson who will work in the Cardiff area. The BSL Corpus [...]

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Annotation begins

Annotating the BSL Corpus Project video data for studies of sociolinguistic variation and change has begun: we have started to move film clips into ELAN files so that we can begin to analyse the data. Here is a screen shot of an ELAN file showing a conversation between two Scottish BSL users. We have begun [...]

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Welcome Ramas!

Ramas Rentelis has started a new part-time position with the BSL Corpus Project as a research assistant. Ramas will be responsible for capturing the video data to computer, editing and annotating the data for the sociolinguistic variation and change projects. Welcome Ramas - we're looking forward to working with you! You can read about more [...]

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80 people now filmed! 160 to go…

As of December, 2008, we have now filmed 80 Deaf participants: 30 in Birmingham, 20 in Manchester, 14 in London and 16 in Glasgow. We will be filming again in Glasgow this month, and in Bristol in January. As Jacqueline Parker's baby is due very soon (thanks for all your hard work as a Deaf [...]

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Update on progress: 60 Deaf people filmed so far

Steady progress has been made since the summer.  We have carried out filming sessions in Birmingham, London and Manchester.  So far 60 people have been filmed.  The good news is that Birmingham area has now been completed, and we continue to film in London and Manchester.  We would like to thank our fieldworkers in these [...]

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Glasgow Deaf community fieldworker

We've fallen a little behind in sharing news with you all, but we are delighted to announce that Avril Hepner  accepted the position of Glasgow Deaf community fieldworker for the project back in August and has been working with us since then. We plan to have our first filming sessions in Glasgow with Avril in [...]

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Data collection pilot session in London

Adam Schembri, Mark Nelson and Sally Reynolds conducted the first pilot data collection session on July 11 here at DCAL in London. We were very grateful for assistance from Tanya Denmark and Jordan Fenlon, two BSL native signers and PhD students at University College London who agreed to act as participants for the pilot filming [...]

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